October 11th-12th // sinners inc

Free Entrance

exhibition open to everyone

October 13th-15th // Bruuns Galleri

Tattooing as an artform

Tattoo&Art Exhibition is an event that presents the artistic craftsmanship of tattooing in a unique setting.

Everyone is invited to Bruuns Galleri to experience first hand how this unique artform can be expressed.

See world-renowned artists as they work

Experience live tattooing sessions from over 50 of the most talented artist from around the world.

See up close how extraordinary artworks are created with needles and ink – to last a lifetime.

Exclusive Seminars

In the two days before the opening of the Tattoo&Art Exhibition, we will host a series of seminars aimed at artists.

Lectures from some of the most groundbreaking international artists.


Tattoo&Art Exhibition

The exhibition opens after the seminar days. Join three days of fine art, tattooing and shows on stage.

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